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Country Farmhouse

This recipe will make one loaf of Country Farmhouse sourdough bread. With a soft crumb and delicious crust, this is a great loaf of real bread!

Sourdough Bagels

Sourdough bagels are chewy, crusty and properly dense. They have an extra deep flavor thanks to the sourdough starter in the recipe.

Sourdough Focaccia

A recipe for a simple focaccia with a golden, crisp crust and chewy interior. ourdough enhances the flavors often found in focaccia – olive oil, sea salt, and herbs – and lends its leavening capability nicely.

How To Feed, Maintain and Store Your Sourdough Starter

A sourdough starter is how we cultivate the wild yeast in a form that we can use for baking. Since wild yeast are present in all flour, the easiest way to make a starter is simply by combining flour and water and letting it sit for several days.

How do I know when my bread is baked?

It can be difficult sometimes to tell if your bread if baked through. Below are a couple of ways of making sure all your hard work in baking your sourdough bread is baked to perfection, every time.

Caring For Your Sourdough Starter

If you’re not baking every week and don’t want to feed your starter every day, you can keep it in the fridge. It is best to feed your sourdough every week.

Sourdough Breakfast Rolls

These breakfast rolls are great freshly baked in the morning. Easy to prepare in the evening, just pop in the oven for freshly baked bread in the morning.

Kamut Flour Sourdough

Khorasan wheat or Oriental wheat, commercially known as kamut, is a tetraploid wheat species. It is an ancient grain type; Khorasan refers to a historical region in modern-day Iran in the northeast and parts of Central Asia including modern-day Afghanistan.